In biopharmaceutical production, the need to achieve high productivity while maintaining quality consistency and reducing cost is the holy grail. The industry has made great progress in upstream processing in the past decade, led by better cell culture media, better cell line engineering, single-use bioreactors, continuous perfusion, etc. The next decade will see smart biomanufacturing coming to the forefront, incorporating omics technology, automation, PAT, miniaturization, process intensification, machine learning, digital twins, sensors integration and data analytics. The Upstream Processing stream will dive into the many exciting trends and innovations driving the next wave of upstream development. 

Conferences Include:

Keynote and Featured Presentations

Lab of the Future: Industry 5.0 Strategies and Use-Case Delivery in Pharmaceutical Development
Christoph Pistek, PhD, Head of Technology Sciences, R&D, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Takeda


CLD Process Improvements to Support Rapid Response Initiatives
Elizabeth H. Scheideman, PhD, Staff Scientist, Cell Line Development, NIH NIAID


Digital Transformation in BioPharma Manufacturing – Current Business, Organizational and Technological Challenges, and Opportunities
Michael Sokolov, PhD, Co-Founder and COO, DataHow AG, Lecturer, ETH Zurich