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The Stability & Formulation stream brings together experts in formulation, analytical sciences, drug delivery, and process scientists to share practical insights and case studies via virtual and in-person presentations. These two conferences will feature methods, cutting-edge approaches for understanding and managing formulation and stability issues in biologics and novel formats, product development, screening tools and strategies to manage contaminants and impurities, aggregation issues, device integration, formulation, and process strategies for high-concentration protein formulation and protein device combinations.

Conferences Include:

Keynote Presentations:

A NIST-FDA Initiative to Benchmark Methods for Profiling and Predicting the Stability of mAbs
John P. MarinoJohn P. Marino, PhD, Group Leader, Biomolecular Structure & Function Group, NIST

Formulation and Delivery Vehicles for Vaccines
Ashutosh ChilkotiAshutosh Chilkoti, PhD, Alan L. Kaganov Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Duke University