The need for technological innovations is critical in downstream processing not only to meet the demands of higher upstream titer, but also to face the challenges of new and complex molecules coming down the pipeline. Companies are looking toward strategies such as intensified perfusion, continuous chromatography, membrane separations, integrated up- and down-stream processes, as well as the latest trend in digitalization - digital twins, PAT, modeling and real-time monitoring - to gain better understanding of process design for downstream processing of next-generation biologics. The Downstream Processing stream will bring you on a voyage to discover these innovations driving the next wave of downstream development.   

Conferences Include:

Keynote Presentations

A Truly Continuous Counter-Current Downstream
Jonathan L. Coffman, PhD, Senior Director, Bioprocess Technology & Engineering, AstraZeneca


End-to-End Continuous Biomanufacturing for Exosomes and Bionanoparticles
Aaron Noyes, PhD, Vice President, Integrated Drug Substance Development, Codiak Biosciences


A Platform Approach for the Rapid Purification of Multi-Specific Antibodies
David J. Reczek, PhD, Head of US Operations, Large Molecule Research, Sanofi