Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 7th Annual

Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Scaling and Industrializing Cell-Based Therapies

August 26-27, 2020


CHI’s Cell Therapy Manufacturing meeting examines the practical challenges in manufacturing autologous and allogenic cell therapies at scale, with dedicated sessions on cell processing, scalability, next-generation production technologies, automation, closed systems, supply chain, and facility design. The meeting will feature extensive sessions on autologous and allogeneic production platforms, including CAR-Ts, NK cells, TCRs, TILs, and IPSCs at scale.


Cover will include, but is not limited to:


  • Cell therapy manufacturng at commercial scale - what are the challenges?
  • Manufacturing gene-edited CAR Ts, NK cells, TCRs
  • Autologous manufacturing strategies
  • Allogeneic manufacturing strategies
  • Strategies for optimizing process development and reducing COGS - new technologies, automation, PAT
  • Next-generation manufacturing technologies - end-to-end manufacturing
  • Cell processing - bead and non-bead technologies, changing mid-process
  • Implementing automated, closed, and integrated systems - moving from small- to large-scale
  • Unique challenges in CAR T production - lentivirus supply, end-to-end manufacturing
  • Centralized and decentralized manufacturing networks
  • Operations and logistics
  • Freeze/thaw
  • Internal versus external manufacturing
  • CMO management throughout development lifecycle - are there enough?
  • Harvesting cells to and from manufacturing site
  • Managing manufacturing execution systems and chain of custody
  • Facility design and flexibility
  • Supply chain security


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All proposals are subject to review by session chairpersons and/or the Scientific Advisory Committee to ensure the overall quality of the conference program. Additionally, as per Cambridge Healthtech Institute policy, a select number of vendors and consultants who provide products and services will be offered opportunities for podium presentation slots based on a variety of Corporate Sponsorships.


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